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Let's Make  The Colorado Democratic Party Stronger!

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Let's Do This Together!


I would certainly appreciate it if you would like to endorse my campaign.


I'm looking for regional coordinators to join my team. Let me know if you'd like to be considered.

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I'm the Woman for the Job!

I'm Amy Paschal and I'm  running for Vice Chair, Geographic Community Outreach.


I believe that the best way to reach voters across all of Colorado is to work through the county parties. I would like the state party to adopt a more customer-service oriented approach towards the county parties.


Meet them where they are.

Get them the resources they need.

Respect their expertise and uniqueness.


I have been heavily involved with the Democratic Party in Colorado for the past six years, working at the precinct, county and state level. I have volunteered as a precinct organizer, district chair and county officer.

In 2022, I worked for the Colorado Democratic Party (CDP) as a financial assistant and for the Colorado Coordinated Campaign as Deputy Director of Voter Protection.

Through my experience as a county party officer, as an employee of CDP and as liaison to county parties for Voter Protection, I  gained multiple perspectives on the state-party/county-party dynamic.

In El Paso County, I developed and delivered a program of training, outreach messaging and support for the precinct organizers, motivated by what I learned as a precinct organizer.


My goal is to apply my unique experience to help deploy a customer-service oriented program of timely, user-friendly training, processes, materials, and support to the county parties.

But, of course, the first step is to listen.

The counties know their voters and they know what support they need.

Lastly, I hold a BA and MS in computer science and worked in the software industry for 15 years as a software engineer, project manager and process improvement engineer. I'm not afraid to leverage tech where it can lighten the lift!

I hope to continue to serve the Colorado Democratic community as Vice Chair, Geographic Community Outreach. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details on my experience.

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And I Like Dogs

And Snow

What is a Vice Chair of
Geographic Community Outreach?

This is a new position with the Colorado Democratic Party starting in 2023

and is described as follows:

The Vice Chair of Geographic Community Outreach is a position that is focused on how to learn from and connect between the 64 different counties in Colorado with an eye toward what is needed to connect in rural, suburban and urban areas of the state.  This person would help organize the annual CDP outreach tours in partnership with local county parties and would connect with the Rural Initiative of the State on how to best connect with rural regions and voters.  This person should be willing to travel and know the full state well. (The current rules allow the chair to appoint supporting volunteer positions to break the state into regions of specialization.  Those appointees would specialize in their region under a total statewide Geographic outreach plan.)

To me, this means working in collaboration with the counties parties, listening to their unique perspectives and supporting them with what they need to do their jobs effectively.

And yes! I plan to build a team? Consider being part of my team!

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